It is my purpose to ensure high quality, precise but at the same time clear and comprehensible legal solutions, full and efficient legal representation and defence to my clients in the continuously changing legal environment.

My fields of expertise are especially the law of contracts including property law, company law, media law and representation in civil litigation procedures. Besides that, my firm also deals with criminal cases in which I have gained a decade of experience.

My services range from case-by-case counselling provided to individuals to long-term permanent legal representation of companies and other organizations, including obviously the drafting of documents and the representation before authorities and courts.

An attorney’s job is primarily based on trust, since the clients often trust the attorney with those secrets that they do not share with anyone else. Therefore, strict and complex legal regulations relate to the attorney’s obligation of confidentiality, which is one of the most important guarantees of the attorney’s independence. This guarantees the possibility to successfully exercise the rights and rightful interests of the clients.

Please see further information on our activities performed in the given fields of expertise by clicking on the relevant menu items.

We are all the servants of the law, so we may be free.

Legibus idcirco omnes servimus ut liberi esse possimus.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

(Pro Aulo Cluentio Habito, Cic. Clu. 146)

Please be informed that pursuant to the regulation on ethical rules and requirements of the practice of attorneys issued by the Hungarian Bar Association, the cases undertook by the attorney and the clients represented by the attorney cannot be displayed on the attorney’s website.

This website is maintained by the Balsai Law Firm (registered in the Budapest Bar Association), according to the law and internal regulations which can be found on the homepage of the Hungarian Bar Association together with the information on the client rights.

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